Topchubashov Center

Topchubashov Center was established in April 2018 by the team managing Politicon, an online platform for authors writing about politics and governance in all their forms and dimensions. It is affiliated with the Center of Regional Research, a Baku-based NGO.Topchubashov Center is dedicated to the analysis of international affairs, with the focus on the part of the world which is vital for the security and national interests of Azerbaijan- post-Soviet countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Middle East.
The team consists of young and dynamic professionals who have studied at the best universities in the world and share a truly global outlook. Topchubashov Center also aim at establishing a permanent intake of interns whom we are eager to help in developing as professional analysts.

Mission of Topchubashov Center

The Topchubashov Center team, view it first of all as a think tank, a center of research and a discussion platform dedicated to the multifarious issues related to globalization, international and domestic politics, geopolitics, security, public policies and economy. In doing this, we will follow in the footsteps of big and renowned international strongholds of political research to establish our distinct voice and shape the discussion both in Azerbaijan and internationally. Our idea was born from the desire to be a focus point for big talks, for the issues that are yet to shape the world.
Recent years have shown that the global affairs are becoming increasingly turbulent, and for a small country like Azerbaijan it is a matter of vital importance to be able to react to these changes quickly and see far ahead. It requires a new way of looking at the things to grasp the effects of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity matters or hybrid wars. Eastern Europe and Middle East that directly border South Caucasus, are among those parts of the world where tensions have been on the rise and new conflict patterns have emerged throughout the last decade. Of course, we will put attention to regional problems- the unresolved post-Soviet conflicts, energy security, regional configuration of powers, but in no way limited to them. Topchubashov Center want to make a difference by putting political decisions and processes into a wider context that inevitably includes economic, sociological, cultural and anthropological dimensions.

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