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Gateway to Mars

Since the beginning of humanity, humans have sought geographical discoveries or escapes; therefore, have been in move whatever the reason is on the Earth. Although, Elon Musk might be close to the new destinations than any other human beings haven’t been before with one difference, this time outer space beyond the moon!

“Gateway to Mars” or “Mars, here we come” are articulated by entrepreneur Elon Musk whose private company, SpaceX, launched Starship SN8 prototype which design to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond today at Texas. The test flight had been intended to reach 12.5 km (back to the same way) and tried with three new-gen Raptor engines.

50-meter-tall space rocket with no one onboard stayed 6 min 42 seconds in the air and nearly vertically landed on the ground. Unfortunately, the rocket was exploded during the landing. According to Elon Musk, “fuel header tank pressure was low” during descent, which caused “touchdown velocity to be high.” Immediately afterwards of the explosion, SpaceX founder said they got all the data they need.

However, this is not a sad ending here at all. The attempt was historical, and it was as crucial as Wright Brothers’ first flight. Test broke the prejudices and opened a new period for human beings—the first human flights to the lunar system already planned by 2023 with reusable space rockets. SpaceX has rocked the international aerospace industry by achieving the leading technology and perfecting it. Every attempt brings Musk one step closer to his dreams which humanity needs to leave the Earth if some catastrophe happens and which has been illustrated by Science fiction movies so far.

Mars, possibly, will be the next destination because it has frozen water sources, carbon dioxide, which earthly plants can turn in to the oxygen and existing gravity but this journey can be costly and harder than we think.

Seemingly Elon Musk will not stop in the near future because the construction of the SN9, the next prototype, is almost finished. As Samul Beckett once said “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better” though time will show this Utopia or dystopia?

To find out more stay tuned!

Berk Can Kozan

He achieved his BA Degree from the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and obtained his MA degree from University of Pécs in Hungary. His main research fields concern on nuclear deterrence, international security and foreign policy issues, international relations’ theories, and internal/external affairs of Turkey. Currently, he is a third year PhD student at the National University of Public Service in Hungary.
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