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Diplomatic Review welcomes article submissions. To submit an article, please email us at

Article submission must follow the following guidelines:

– the content of an article must be fact-checked,spell-checked and proofread for grammatical errors prior to submitting;

– if the article includes hotly debated and controversial subjects, it should be submitted with references to credible source for convenience of the readers and the reviewing editor;

– articles have to be submitted as attachments in Microsoft Word format;

– image files can be submitted along with the articles, provided those images are from public domain and/or your own work;

– contributors, submitting articles on subject, including statistical data, are encouraged to submit images of graphs, if they wish so;

– commentaries should range between 800 and 1000 words, while feature articles generally start at around 1200 words. Longer substantive analytical pieces can run to 3500 words.

– contributors of the articles must send their full names, affiliation, etc.

Please do note that the editor reviews each and every article before publishing it.  Any clarification requested by the editor will be greatly appreciated.

Diplomatic Review intends to promote students, analysts, experts, experienced journalists and interns’ studies and works. Submitting your articles to Diplomatic Review does not entitle you to any kind of remuneration.


The opinions and arguments of the contributors reflect the views of the authors only and do not represent the views of Diplomatic Review, its Advisory and Editorial Boards, Sponsors, Partners, or Affiliates..

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